My Detailed Review of the Most Trendy Writing Companies in 2017

It’s understandable that students who use academic article writing services are seeking quality. Were you aware that a great webpage is important sign that you are working with a writing organization you can be confident? As customer feedback and reports put emphasis on price ranges, lower price rates, coupons, penning quality and user help they usually tend to overlook the overall quality of the composing company web site.

The websites that obtain the finest past customer testimonials usually have internet sites that exhibit wonderful care to specifics. These websites are not difficult to get through, and are jam packed with interesting and informative content and articles. We’ve as well noticed that web sites that are a fraud or scam are nearly always terribly designed.

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How to Differentiate Between Essay Writing Services

During college years, it happens that one feels overwhelmed with homework, coursework, and other assignments. When your pile of to-do-things gets too tiring for you to bear, the solution is just around the corner: essay writing services.

Nonetheless, for obtaining the best academic results, you have to choose the assistance of a legit company. This is where we come in. We want to aid you in distinguishing between various services so that you can make the right choice.

Comparing the features and services available

The layout of a website matters a lot in providing the customer with a user-friendly browsing experience. In this direction, ranks the highest, considering that placing an order on their website is effortless.

The services provided are organized into different categories, and the variety is far-reaching, which means you can depend on this company.

On the other hand, though, doesn’t give the right impression regarding website organization. The information isn’t clearly presented, and it’s challenging to navigate through the site. Additionally, the services they offer aren’t adequately explained, so that the student would know what to expect.

That being said, it’s highly recommended to take into account the way in which the services are explained and presented.

Prices and discounts

We consider that each company should offer a convenient discount system. We also believe that the prices should mirror the quality of the writing. Choosing the service with the lowest prices doesn’t guarantee that you’ll obtain the results you’re looking for. On the other hand, inexplicably high prices don’t portray that a service is truly qualitative. Therefore, it’s important to find a balance.

For instance, provides services of excellent quality. Even though the prices are above average, we believe that they are just right, considering the quality. Plus, various coupon codes reduce the overall rate, which is convenient.

On the opposite side, Ultius, another writing service, has a vague pricing system, and there isn’t any promo code on the website, meant for loyal or first-time customers.

Looking at customer reviews and testimonials

As with any other service, it’s highly recommended to scan customer reviews of the writing company and look for a rating or review provided by experts in the field.

For example, the reviews for we have found are all positive, which proves that it’s a reliable, legit company. Meanwhile, the reviews for and Ultius are far from being spectacular, which mirrors that this is not the first choice for reliable writing services.

Remember, the rating of the website should illustrate whether it is a fraud or scam or not.

Extra benefits

You can also tell a lot about a reliability of a writing service by considering the features it offers. For instance, the most reliable services, such as, have informative blogs, which contain useful articles for students.

In the meantime, this company also provides 24-hour customer service, which is a great feature, considering that you may need to communicate something with the writer regarding your order.